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Ain't it just like a human

A banquet of bosh

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Chocolate Socialist
2 January 1975
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2000ad, adam hills, akira kurosawa, alan moore, all tomorrows parties, anti-rockism, antony gormley, art brut, babylon 5, bangface, banksy, beards, beat takeshi, beecd, being addicted to coffee, being nice to people, being rubbish at cooking, belle and sebastian, bill bailey, bill drummond, black books, books, bosh, bosh bosh bosh, brass eye, bringing the beat back, brunching shuttlecocks, buffy, calvin and hobbes, cansei de ser sexy, charlie kaufman, cheese, chesterton, china miéville, chris morris, coen brothers, comedy, comic books, comics, curry, cycling, dancing, dancing like a loon, dancing with eyes closed, daniel kitson, darin morgan, deleting the internet, documentaries, dublin, edinburgh fringe festival, endless rave, eurovision, father ted, feminism, firefly, freaky trigger, freakytrigger, george orwell, girls aloud, glastonbury, grant morrison, hackney, halo jones, hand-wringing leftism, having a 2:1, hayao miyazaki, hunter s thompson, indie, indie pop, interests lists as dna, jackie chan, jan svankmajer, jarvis cocker, jeffrey lewis, jim henson, jim jarmusch, josie and the pussycats, josie long, kenickie, kissing, lady sovereign, last plane to jakarta, lego star wars, london, look around you, love, maps, mashing cheese, mathematics, missy elliott, moldy peaches, moomins, muppets, naive optimism, naive super, neal stephenson, nintendo, pet shop boys, pg wodehouse, pinkoism, pirates, placebo, political correctness gone mad, pop, pop music, poptimism, powerpuff girls, preferring ecclestone to tennant, pulp, pulp fiction, rockism, satire, scooter, shaun of the dead, sleep, socialism, soul mole, spaced, standard balti house, starting paragraphs with "anyway", stephen chow, super furry animals, surrealism, talking all night, talking heads, techno, tekken, terry gilliam, the big lebowski, the book club, the boomer bible, the brunching shuttlecocks, the invisibles, the keychange in hallelujah, the klf, the long of it, the manual, the moldy peaches, the mountain goats, the princess bride, the thames by night, the west wing, transmetropolitan, tubewalks, twin peaks, wil hodgson, zoolander

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