Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

An alarum

I was in the kitchen in work just now and something started beeping. I was curious as to what, and looked around a bit - not the microwave, not the kettle, not a suddenly uppity coffee maker - when I realised that it was in fact my own watch, which was doing what it'd been told to do for the last dozen days: say "Hello, it's noon! You might want to think about getting up!"

Anyway I am, like the planet earth, a whole year older. At the moment I'm less "29 for the fifth time" than "getting an early start on 37". But either way I will be in the Blue Posts Newman Street this evening from shortly after 5 if any of the London-based would care to join me. My expectations aren't the highest, what with the day that's in it.
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