Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Lost time

So my flight was at ten past nine this evening, and I arrived in plenty of time, and waited around playing Computor Game, then got on the flight and started reading one of my new books (The Last Hero, by T. Pratchett) and then it took a little while before the flight was ready for departure (I remember it being about half past), then I kept reading and it seemed a short while later (but it was coming on for half past again) when we were going land in Gatwick, then there was a wait for the bags, then I walked onto the Gatwick Express and found somewhere nice and sat down, then finished the book and picked up Another Computor Game, then when I got to Gatwick the tube station was closed and I though oh yeah it is, but then I remembered that I'd actually used the same station nine days ago when flying out, but it turns out that the reason is that the station is closed is because - it's ten past midnight???

And I really really have no idea what the heck happened there.

Anyway, hello! I'm back! A review of Things tomorrow!
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