Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Year in review meme

The first list of the first post of every month!

Jan: Because I suspect not everyone was reading their LJ at 8.30 on New Year's Eve:
Birthday drinks in the Blue Posts Newman Street this evening.

Feb: I had a fine time the latter half of last week, paying host to my friends Trish and Keith from back home.

Mar: I made this: the_book_game!

Apr: So, who's actually going? (Ed: The subject line specifies that it's the festival All Tomorrow's Parties I'm talking about. Also this is the second post, as the first post is one of those filter-of-one things)

May: As my enormous ATP post clearly isn't getting done tonight.

Jun: The resolution for May was 'I will make it through this month if it kills me'.

Jul: Went out twice last Friday, first to Green Feet as run by curiousbadger, where in keeping with the environmental theme I was wearing a suit I'd put together for 40 quid from Oxfam. (Ed: Again the second post, as the first is a wordless link to the Irn Bru Goths ad. Also completely inexcusable that I didn't credit drasticsturgeon as the co-organiser of the night.)

Aug: We are, now, an all-Facebook flat.

Sep: Went to Poptimism! (Ed: technically the second post, the first is a 1-in-the-morning post mortem of my 101-things-in-10-days business)

Oct: Ahead of what promises to be a busy evening at the textfarm (but what have my promises ever been worth?), two televisual delights.

Nov: When I was writing up the Carter USM gig up in Glasgow, I don't think I dug out the text message I sent from out spot up front: "Even if I could hear the words Carter were singing, I wouldn't be able to hear them over the crowd. This isn't a gig, this is church. It's fantastic". (Ed: No, this is the first entry. Shut up. No, you shut up)

Dec: (Shhh!)

The moral: it's been a good year.
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