Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Seee (Stewart) Leee for Freee

The excellent diamond_geyser has made available to me four tickets to see the pilot for Stewart Lee's new TV show, and so I'm making them (minus one for me) available to you, you good people.

When: Next Tuesday, 6-7 ish. Official words are "The studio doors open at 7pm. TV people will be there from 6.00pm to meet you. No admittance after 7.15pm. They estimate the recording to be finished by 8:15pm."

Where: The Mildmay Club, 34 Newington Green, London N16 9PR

Of course, diamond_geyser may find other people to go, at which point the ones I notionally have available will dwindle away, so on your marks!

(PS Isabelle have I misspoken you in any way here?)
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