Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Andrew talks about clothing #1 (of 1)

This is possibly of more use to the Londoners, but possibly not. Anyway! I am looking now for a jacket to keep me alive over the winter. If you saw me at all in the first half of this year, I was probably wearing a natty black jacket from Nigel Hall, synthetic I think but looked a bit like a leather jacket (shut up, it did!). Unfortunately I can't find from the internet a picture of it, or even where to go look (as in physically) for more Nigel Hall jackets. But obviously I'm more interested in what it does than who makes it.

Crucial features:

. Warm: That and a T-shirt did me (for period ups to half an hour) for all but the most bonecrushing of the winter.
. Light: That, unzipped, and a T-shirt did me through most of the summer (NB I might not have been in serious direct sunshine for half an hour because hello, London). Also I can cycle in it, though I might have to wash it shortly afterwards.
. Light(2): fits into 1/2 my backpack (er, is that the word I mean? The only other name I can think of is shoulder-bag, which sounds to me like one of those long-strap things that the nearly-young folk wear)
. Er...
. That's it.

So, wise people of the internet, where would I go to look for these? My budget is whatever the previous one cost, though I don't actually know since it was a Christmas present from, er, my mum (have I mentioned shut up yet?)
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