Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Drunk beyond drunk - I was only supposed to head into Hamleys to purchase a prop for tomorrow's party, and then head up to the George to have a pint with zenith. Instead that grew to many pints with him and ms_bracken, infov0re, spyinthehaus and danalcapone. They are all good people, and we discussed our nature as refugees. It was 'only' half ten when we left, and the Central Line seemed strangely cheerful and garrulous, strangers joining in a jocular conversation, as befits people who left before they had to, but clearly had to leave when they did.

Now, I remember sticking things in my phone past the (quite early) point where it became clear that I wouldn't remember them.

  • From spyinthehaus: Glen and Gary and Glen and Ross, very much in the spirit of Shining.
  • Hooray, there's a fourth Aberystwyth book coming out.
  • On the platform waiting for the train at London Bridge, three people in a row with their faces illuminated either by a PDA or a mobile (who gets reception down there?) or an iPod. Also the weary recognition that my phone's predictive text has learned to pick 'tired' rather than 'three' for those keystrokes.
  • At Bank, that magical kind of drunk where you slump yourself against a vending machine, see there's 4 minutes until the next train, think a million million million things, and there's still 4 minutes to go.
  • I'm doing well, by and large. Work's good, life's good, a few interesting things on the horizon. Nothing bad is really happening to me, I have a good plan for things (which, er, involved a quiet night in tonight). But still, for a certain level of drunkenness, the bit that goes "Train's coming. You pitch forward now, yes?"

Anyway, quite a good night, which has put me in a friending mood.
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