Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Tripping over a plastic bag

Apart from sheltering me under its wing last night, the Booze Fairy apparently also bought me a care package on the way home! Being:

  • A packet of McCoy's Cheese and Onion ridged crisps.
  • A can of Relentless Inferno*, the new flavour of energy-drink-in-a-beercan which I had been eyeing with dread curiosity. It turns out the flavour is basically what you would get if you dissolved a Berocca vitamin-C tablet in a regular can of Relentless.
  • A regular can of Relentless.
  • A can of Coke Zero - I get the idea, wake up Farrell!
  • A bottle of Mars Refuel, which is a mental reimagining of their chocolate drink as a health beverage - complete with a Gatorate-style 'teat'.

*feeling a bit down? Get a relentless inferno inside you!
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