Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The world doesn't work.

So I went for my second swimming lesson yesterday! Second for me that is, fifth for everyone else, so while we were all learning the breaststroke, I was the one learning it with one of those neon-coloured foam noodles under me. Good thing I've lost all attachment to the notion of ego. And it was really better than the last time, I felt calmer, more trusting in my U-shaped friend, and able to keep at roughly the right slant instead of my feet touching the bottom every few strokes. It still took forever to get from one side to the other, but I took that forever. Now the only problem is that an important part of the stroke is keeping my head underwater, and I still seize up at that. Perhaps some goggles would help...

Anyway, I was both energized and knackered after that, so ended up not doing much, getting to bed at about half one, and setting the alarm for 7.30. Except it turns out that if you change the time on the alarm on my phone, but don't hit OK, then it rings at neither the old nor the new time. I view this as a design fault in the phone and, to an extent, myself. So I woke up at 10.00, got into work by half past, and had to miss going to the cinema with hoshuteki. I did think, after my new bonanza of sleep, about whether it might be a plan for my monthly resolutions: I've been meaning to get back to those after largely letting them slide*, and I have for some little time been thinking about what it would be like to try and actually get eight hours sleep every night for say at least a week, what my time under this strange new drug might be like...

Reader, I was a zombie. All. Day.

* not quiiite, but how I've started to approach them is another post.
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