Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

What I did:

Friday: Left work to go see the taping of the first episode of Lab Rats, more or less as a whim. The queue was mighty and boring, but when we got through the airport security-like business, my knees went a bit wobbly when it turned out that it was FVCKING BBC TELEVISION CENTRAL, just like you see on, indeed, the telly. Chris Addison is very very funny, the TV show is alright (though I'll take any random 30 minutes of the outtakes over it, to be honest), and the warmup dude was quite annoying: good at his job no doubt, but in a very "who're you, let's make fun of you" way. Also it takes four sodding hours to tape a half hour show.

Friday, later: Down to the Bedroom Bar for Rocksteady, with bluedevi, dr_f_dellamorte, surprise guest shermarama and ultraruby, then back to ours for a proper sitting around and pulling CDs off shelves and talking shite and making plans (which reminds me, anyone interested in Christmas ATP?) until the wee wee hours.

Saturday: nothing.

Sunday: Up and into town to meet hoshuteki and carsmilesteve to see Peter Brook's 3-hour version of Indian epic the Mahabharata, followed by the talk with the same theatre and film director. Then followed a brief perfomance in the local by carsmilesteve of My Nearly Life in The Theeatre, also attended by miss_newham.

Sunday: A bit later, up to the Mucky Pup in order to catch up with a friend WINOLJ that I haven't seen in ages. He broke up with his girlfriend since I saw them last, and it's good to see that they're back in touch (she was DJing). Also he's not doing so badly workwise vis he is suddenly the editor of Terrorizer!

Monday: Get home stupidly late given that I have a swimming lesson (my first, since I missed the one the week before due to tube strike). Get in about 15-minutes into the 45-minute lesson, swallow my pride a bit later as the instructor takes the toaster-sized floats away from me and replaces it with a 'noodle'. After a lot of thrashing about, in the last five minutes she takes the aids off of everyone and encourages us to try to just swim AND I MANAGE A LENGTH! Okay, probably a width but I feel quite proud. Obviously this uses up all my muscle adrenaline concentration etc and the next time I end up giving myself a proper ducking. The teacher is actually curious as to what happens if I try and put my face under the water intentionally. The scientific answer appears to be that the sky falls and I die.

Tuesday: We all of us get an email from our landlord, who'd rang us up over the last month to confirm that we would sign the lease, talking about fixing the dishwasher and dropping in that by the way the rent will be going up 8% and could we amend the standing orders so that it's all ready to go out on the 19th. We naturally have a bit of a mutter about this, separately and together.

Today, 1am: I head down to the corner shop to get some late night snacks, except there's a policeman saying I can't go down there just yet. After walking the long way around I find out that there's been something just a few doors down from said shop which involves young chinese ladies being taken away in handcuffs, and a lot of police with big guns.

Today: more barney re: the flat, rubbish day in work, but then I meet a friend from home (or so I think of him, he's actually from Stoke) and take him out for a few pints then The Real Daniel O'Donnell Show downstairs in The Albany (along with two more pints of Addlestones, ouch). I think it's pretty funny, though it possibly helps if you've seen "normal" Martin White before his first demented sketch.
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