Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


My new phone has a scarier version of predictive text, where it will predict the next word based on patterns* of what usually follows the word you've just written. It hangs there in grey, until you hit right-arrow to accept it, or start typing a new word. How long before a recall of this feature, after a teenager electrocutes himself in a pool of tears, staring at the ghostly word "love" after "I"?

The tiny kiosk built into the living flesh of Mile End station has cards pasted up in the window, written by someone who has somehow seized onto the idea that quote marks are used to signify emphasis. Thus IT IS "RUDE" TO USE YOUR MOBILE WHILE ORDERING and WE "DON'T" SELL TOBACCO HERE.

Er, dear internet-my-second-brain, is there anything I should be doing tomorrow?

*patterns probably = "what word did you type next last time?"
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