Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


Went to Poptimism! It was one of the best, and thus a very good thing indeed.

Broke stuff on the way home: my glasses by spinning them round like an eejit on the bus, and before that dropped my phone and got a "Please insert SIM Card". Which is not good, as my SIM card is basically my second brain.

Sunday, very quiet day. Shhhh. Went over to Stratford - The London of the East! - and got my glasses fixed.

Part of having my mobile out of action is that it's also my alarm clock, so when I wake up, I have to weigh how I feel about getting up now, vs getting up in four hours time.

So today I woke up after four hours sleep and thought "I feel a bit tired. I'll get the tube in and home, then I'll feel better". Grrrr. Two tips to those in Hackney/Mile End who work in the centre of town: 1) They are starting some services, EG 242/25 from Procter Street as well as from their natural start points 2) Cycle.

But I did meet shirtdress for lunch, which was nice, though I think we were both a little too tired to do anything more than "I heard a story! It was this!" for an hour or so.

And last but not least, I get a new phone tomorrow. I may be requiring phone numbers off you (or you could text my number and state name and rank), but more importantly if you tried to contact me via said phone then that's why I haven't been responding.
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