Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

101 / 10 Day 10

4 Half-arsed idea for questions to put to LJ - Actually done yesterday, missed from that post.
9 Write about Edinburgh in general - done just on the dot of midnight.
27 Launder sheets. Didn't dry in time :)
49 Do Canadian exercises every day, even if it's just the peasy ones - Huzzah!
88 Actually cash that cheque for about £4 that Transport For London gave me when I lost my Oystercard. - didn't in fact have it with me!
91 Get through the remainder of the comic books I've been downloading but not reading over the last three months - Done yesterday!
94 Delete 2000+ spam, glancing at the subject of each to make sure it isn't a declaration of true love from Sinead O'Connor. Done!

So: 25 things done! 8 things started! 2 things irrevocably screwed up! And 25 things untouched! I could possibly have at least started five of those if I hadn't spent three and a quarter hours writing the last post, but I don't really regret it, to be honest. And maybe a few more during the day if it hadn't been very panicky in work.

So what have I "learned"? That I still like working right up to a deadline, and that even the gentle buzz of getting things done is no protection when I just want to go waste an evening on something pointless. Ah well. Now if only I had 20 days....
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