Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

101 / 10 Day 7/8/9

Hello the internets! Today I will be tending to you both in detail and at length. Strap yourselves in.

Day 7 was lost to sucking: Not only did I spend it playing a stupid pointless computer game, but it was exactly the same one that ate Day 2.

Day 8 was a lot of getting things more along the way to done, but nothing actually finished apart from a new goal.

Day 9 up quite late, as befits the night before a deadline :(

1 Read the last 20-30 posts from people who've friended me and either friend them or not. - Done yesterday.
7 Review the rest of the 5-star shows. - Done yesterday, look for it quite soon.
36 Listen to all the music on my iPod. - might not get this done. Also don't actually have a space in my life for listening to wordy stuff like the last albums from Joanna Newsome / The Streets.
45 Go to Yoga next Monday or Tuesday. - Ooops.
46 Cycle to work 5 days a week. - When I make my way home without splitting my skull open, this will be done!
73 Reply to Sinead.
75 Ditto Siofra.
76 Ditto Brenda.
77 Ditto John.
79 Ditto 100th Frank's. - deadline's gone for this, isn't it?
88 Actually cash that cheque for about £4 that Transport For London gave me when I lost my Oystercard. - Got it with me!
95 Find nearest Oxfam and deposit Computer Games/Books/Travel Connect 4. I will try and do this tomorrow, but I shouldn't have missed Saturday.
96 Fix flatmate Roz's wireless - Stupid Network Bridge.
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