Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


The unsung heroes of the reading world! What do you use for bookmarks? Any of them you have a daft fondness for, possibly past the point where you should have retired them?

Mine are: Two enormous flyers from Eat Your Own Ears, a bunch of postcards (half to me, half picked up as free in the genuine intent to send them somewhere), and a few really old flyers which I can only place by matching up the days and the dates "Frontend Synthetics present Lee Scratch Perry on Sat 27th and Sun 28th of October.... that'd be 2001? Dude".

One of which is for Ireland's No 1 Alternative Club: Pure Alternative, No House, No Techno, No Distractions, the image is from Withnail and I, captioned "I demand the finest music known to humanity" - get in!

The most clapped out is an old pink tongue of a thing which in a former life was one of the bookmarks given out freely when you checked a book out of the science library in Trinity. Free stuff! To Students! It's a miracle I ever used anything else. To this day the words "The Colonnades and Book of Kells" will bring a proud glow to some of my friendslist.
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