Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

101 / 10 Day 4/5/6

So, yes, obviously I'm not going to post over the weekend, what would be the point? OR I might have got feck all done on Saturday, and gone out to such an extent that I only technically regained consciousness yesterday.

ANYWAY. Some of these are posts which I've written, but will release during work hours, because I'm interested in responses to them.

1 Read the last 20-30 posts from people who've friended me and either friend them or not. Almost entirely done.
3 Poll that I've been meaning to put up for a million years. Done!
4 Half-arsed idea for questions to put to LJ. Done!
6 Review 24 hour comedy. Done!
25 Clean the bathroom. Done!
26 Clean my room. In progress, as it has always been.
29 Actually empty my laundry bag, including a whites wash that's been sitting around forever and ever. Done!
36 Listen to all the music on my iPod. In progress, might actually manage this.
37 Review Black Velvet Pyjama Party (one of the beecds from March). Done!
38 Review The Poet's Manaul and Ryming Dictionary (the second of same). Done!
39 Review A beecd with a spring in its step (... and the third). Done!
46 Cycle to work 5 days a week. Spot the flaw here! But I needed a test to get used to it (having not cycled to work in at least one month), so I headed in and back in 65 minutes this morning. Nice!
49 Do Canadian exercises every day, even if it's just the peasy ones. In Progress
58 Go to alextiefling's birthday do. - Completely missed, due to hangovery goodness. Will try and substitute another social engagement (also apologize a lot the next time I see him!)
91 Get through the remainder of the comic books I've been downloading but not reading over the last three months Almost entirely done.
94 Delete 2000+ spam, glancing at the subject of each to make sure it isn't a declaration of true love from Sinead O'Connor. In Progress.
95 Find nearest Oxfam and deposit Computer Games/Books/Travel Connect 4. Might be a little tricky, the nearest is Kingsland Road, any kind of awkward hours could screw up #46.
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