Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

The scrapbook that is my mind #1

Slight backlog of stuff first.

An old meme, stolen first from catsgomiaow:

My username is braisedbywolves, because

  • afarrell is unsurprisingly taken
  • my social skills are roughly those of a boy raised by wolves
  • raisedbywolves is unsurprisingly also taken
  • there's a 15 character limit on names, so if you try and type 'boy' in at the start of that, you get.. well you can probably guess by now.

My journal page was called braisedbywolves until last week, when I started seeing this meme, and thought I should probably get a 'proper' one. So now it's called Chocolate Socialist, which is the name for someone who is incensed to learn that Cadbury's have dropped the Wispa, but didn't notice at the time (let alone organise a protest). Plus also, you know, "I endorse these products or statements".

My default pic is me with the plastic sticker off the front of my alarm clock on my forehead. I've no idea why they put a sticker on the actual in-the-box clock, it gives the immediate impression "I've been had!"

My friends page is called friends, and my journal doesn't have a subtitle both for reasons of sloth.

Anyway, meme end. A few weeks ago I went out to see Howl's Moving Castle, the new film from the director of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. It's really good - though he didn't write it, it hits a lot of the same buttons, with sympathetic female leads and utterly alien nmonsters and a refusal to make anyone an out-and-out villain.

On the train home, as we pullled into Kings Cross, someone said "Whose bag is this (in the big space between the doors)?" and no-one seemed to know whose it was. I guess this happens a fair amount, but I didn't know beforehand what my reaction would be. I hope no-one's offended by me polling it, I'm not trying to make light but I was realy interested.

Poll #632091 (can't think of a name without it sounding too offhand)

If someone on a tube calls attention to unattended luggage, what's your immediate reaction(s)?

Panic attack, general consternation
Forced calmness, no outward signs but slightly racing pulse
Picking up the hue and cry, asking people further down the carriage.
This has never happened to me
I'm not a Londoner, but I wish to see the results
Other (text box/comments)


If this is happening at a station, and you're not really in a hurry, do you get off and wait for the next train?


And for the comments box, what sort of factors make a difference? For me it was the size of the luggage, a big suitcase seemed much larger than what I (on no real information) was expecting. Also what should make very little difference but did was that I was one stop away from home.

So I sat there, while some people swore and hurriedly left, and shortly the train pulled away again. The guy who first asked didn't leave, but about 30 seconds later it turned out that one of the people sitting on the seats some distance away owned the suitcase, and we continued on in relative peace. I don't think the owner even got a tongue lashing from the first guy, maybe a stern tutting.
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