Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

101 / 10 Day 3

Bah, werk regime means I have to nip off to a cybercaff at lunch time to get things done.

36 Listen to all the music on my iPod. - underway.
48 At least book a swimming lesson at the enormous sports center just up the road - Done! Beginners lessons starting 3rd October for two months.
49 Do Canadian exercises every day, even if it's just the peasy ones Done yesterday's this morning :(
50 Find the nearest dentist and register and 51 Ditto Doctor - Got contact details for the local ones, will ring them on Tuesday.
86 Investigate what those posters for Maggies/Open House Night Hike are about - Done? It turns out to be a sponsored 17-mile hike on the night of the Open House Day (if you get me). Through lots of public buildings, AND includes a trip on the London Eye, which is allegedly only open at night for this event! I am more than a little interested in actually doing this, and may be attempting charity sponsorship next week.
91 Get through the remainder of the comic books I've been downloading but not reading over the last three months - underway. My god, Brian Bendis can make tosh readable.
94 Delete 2000+ spam, glancing at the subject of each to make sure it isn't a declaration of true love from Sinead O'Connor - underway
96 Buy a pair of trousers - Done. The old ones weren't all that old, but wore through at the pockets and tore through at the hem of one of the legs and ripped through at the crotch. New trousers are from Fatface - both standard chinos and some swish linen ones.
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