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Okay, so clearly the catch-up is going to take forever, as will any kind of write-up of 40 shows at the Fringe, so the news, then.

I came over to London in October 2005. The story was that I'd spend a year over here, then move back to Dublin and buy somewhere to live, knowing that I'd seen the big lights, and I was happy to settle down. I knew that the story might change, but at least it was there.

In fact what happened was that it took six months to find work. The recruitment agencies are all quite keen on you staying in the job they find you for at least a year, as they get a percentage of your pay for the first year (and indeed I got a "company bonus" AKA a pay raise at the end of the first year), so I phoned home and said that I'd try and be there a year. The year went by without particular notice in April this year. It hasn't really come up in conversation with Farrell Command, except occasional "So, you're having a nice time over there?" queries, which isn't exactly fair to them. Also, still not actually buying somewhere.

SO! Our lease is up in September. The story is: I'm going to sign it, and when it comes up again next year I'm going to move home. This may well move or disappear, but if it does, it will do so via an actual decision. Obviously I immensely enjoy many aspects of my life in London, and equally obviously I miss parts of Dublin. I think it will be good to consider these things in the context of making a decision like this, and also hopefully the notion that this might be my last chance to do stuff will cause me to do more rather than that quality sitting-at-home which I can do as well either side of the Irish Sea.
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