Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Romance of solipsism

Drunk beyond drunk. Talking this evening about knowing famous people, going to the gig yesterday and people who are friends of friend or just friends in every band, being greeted by Josie Long the week before she turns up on the front cover of the Guide (okay, she is showbiz, but she's the least showbiz person in that corner of it). Knowing people, who know people, who can get into most every show in Edinburgh.

[Edit: Is it economic, is it well done you've been born here and now, not 100 years ago when you'd be an abacus fiend, not 100 years in the future when there'll be five computers, you're here so take your focus and your maths and have a job where we'll pay you enough that you can go out enough (and buy enough rounds!)? I was a little surprised when, during flatmate auditions last week, khalinche said "Andrew has the social life of three people", and I thought "No hang on, no fair enough". The crowd I've fallen in with go out a fair amount, but there was a while when I'd go out whenever one of them did, which was yeah.]

How is it a charmed life? Yeah, okay, particularly for me - Pat Kenny show (equivalent = Parkinson?) at 14, youngest graduate at 18, (paper) millionaire at 25. ILX! And still now knowing half of Plan B, going along to parties and feeling like the token non-arty, and people going "Oh I'd love to turn up to those but I'm out of their league". I'm not magic! Whatever I had wore off ages ago! I just turn up to things and try to be nice to people! Is turning up 90% of everything? If so, how does it scale? How does everyone win?
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