Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Hello all! There's a comedian called Mark Watson, who runs something called Crap About The Environment, which is him trying to figure out goals for himself to stop being so rubbish about being green, and if other people want to do it at the same time, then excellent.

And there was recently a comedy fundraiser for said project in Clorkwork on Pentonville road in Islington (maybe halfway between King's Cross and Angel?) which was organised by curiousbadger and drasticsturgeon, the theme of which was wearing recycled clothes. Lots of people who can make cool stuff turned up in things they'd constructed from other things, and I went down to Oxfam and got myself a suit:

£40 for everything you see me wearing*, £20 of which is the jacket (£5 of the remainder is the trousers which were rubbish and are already back in a different Oxfam). Photo by diamond_geyser, also pictured is shewho and Ron, who is I believe diamond_geyser and drasticsturgeon's flatmate.

Also! curiousbadger and drasticsturgeon had so much "fun" organising it that they're going to go for a proper comedy night in the same venue, starting in October. You will hear more of this, or at least you Londoners will.

*Apart from the non-Oxfam glasses, which were probably double that except I most likely got a second pair free so there you go.
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