Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Last week or so.

Went out twice last Friday, first to Green Feet as run by curiousbadger, where in keeping with the environmental theme I was wearing a suit I'd put together for 40 quid from Oxfam. Picture to follow. There was comedy, mad djing interval skills from drasticsturgeon, then I had to head over to Poptimism, which is in it's all new venue in the Cross Kings, off York Way. A lot of fun, a lot of seeing old people, a certain amount of people dancing on tables.

Saturday was our housewarming, and it were great! People I know who turned up: Emma WINOLJ, katstevens, hoshuteki, miss_newham, curiousbadger, drasticsturgeon, tigerpig, ewtikins, squirmelia and shewho, who arrived after sending a terrifying voice post by her brother-in-law suggesting that the entire Reardon family were about to descend on us at midnight. Thank you all for coming, and I hope you had as great a time as I had seeing you all be awesome. Also many of you sang Total Eclipse of the Heart acapella, which made it clear which flatmate had the coolest friends.

Sunday the 1st, started my plan for July which is to be home more and consume some of the media that weighs upon me. DVDs I've never watched, books never read, albums never listened to (much fewer of these), and lot of movies and comics taking up space on my PC (25Gb of the former, only 4Gb of the latter). The idea is to (officially) stay at home and get through a bunch of these, and by the end of the month either I'll have made a dent, or I'll just admit that it's not as important to me as going out and socialising.

So on Sunday I mostly stayed at home and watched Apocalypto, which is good uncomplicated chase scene of a movie, very nice to look at and very exciting to watch. I understand that several of the more dramatic bits are 'plausible' rather than 'probable', but that's kind of what I was expecting anyway. Needless to say, I saw no other film for the next four days.

Working working mostly, at least 12 hours a day for the first three, and then yesterday (Thursday) I went out to see Laugther In Odd Places, in the Museum of London. It was kind of a faff in that you only saw an hour of comedy out of three hours sitting around, but that hour was equal parts We Are Klang, Jo Neary and Andy Zaltzman (and also was probably 70 minutes), so you can't complain. Also, free.

And today after work heading home to the Genesis Cinema to watch Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (Pleasantly short, too much soap opera, not enough Galactus), then back into town to the Prince Charles to see The Science of Sleep with friend_of_tofu and alextiefling. It's a very good film, very well written (neither 'realistic' not hollywood nor improvised, just flat yet funny), and well directed by Michel Gondry, who mostly restrains his impulses for turning everything into stop motion yarn. It's kind of for people who thought Amelie was a bit too gritty (though it is a lot harder on creepiness than Amelie was), and Charlotte Gainsbourgh is playing the kind of character that would normally get me bleating "Oh, why can't I meet someone like her?". Except the actress herself looks and sounds exactly like someone I already know, who I quite definitely do not have designs on, and being pulled different directions by the two things made an interesting film even more fascinating.
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