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Chocolate Socialist

So, my sister's wedding that I was at the weekend before last:

[+] Back home a day early to go for a pint with my brother-in-law-to-be, Liam and his brother Ray, one of the groomsmen.
[-] Being asked to give a speech.
[+] My demurral being unbrooked because, due to Dad being dead, someone has to welcome Liam into the family.
[+] Last minute seating changes to make everyone fit better. 4-4-4 instead of 5-5-2.
[-] Having to decide which of the front five tables they love least.
[-] Two brothers who can't be at adjacent tables, due to A Field.
[+-] Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (it's good, but not that good and it is long).
[-] The realisation with 10 minutes to go that my sister Josie's veil is on backwards, and if it's not fixed then the bit where she gets to the front of the aisle and sweeps it back will remove the top of her skull.
[-] No dad.
[+] Mum walking Josie up the aisle...
[-] ...crying all the while.
[-] More internecinity meaning that the priest had to say how nice it was to see "The Kane family, and all of Josie's family" (IE all ours were on mum's side, a no-show from the Farrells despite some thawing of the ice at Grandad's funeral).
[+] Our family priest (a great support for Mum over the last five years) giving a little speech halfway through, and mentioning "the two missing fathers, Matthew and Liam".
[-] Liam's father was actually called William.
[+] No rain for getting out of the cars and into the church.
[-] Plenty of rain for the Official Photos.
[+] Getting a lift to the photos with Ray and his wife Maria.
[+] Maria mentioning that she was walked up the aisle by her mother, talking about how all three of us had lost fathers.
[+] Free food (well, free for me).
[+] A cheque for €600 from the absent Farrells, and a card signed by all of them.
[-] Relatives coming over every five minutes to eyeball the notes and judge the length of the speech (actually this was a [+], it was v. entertaining).
[-] Working on the speech all through the meal and indeed an hour before.
[-] Getting up to give it, and feeling my knees and voice actually really shake.
[+] The first laugh, at the right time.
[+] The speech in general. Laughter, tears, done in under five minutes.
[+] People coming up to me afterwards and saying they liked the speech.
[-] I have zero idea who these people are, and they don't introduce themselves because they already know my name.
[-] Didn't get to see my favourite cousin, who was ten years older than me and a proper punk when I was little, before she found God.
[+] Her husband's there, with their eldest daughter, who is the spitting image of her.
[-] Eldest daughter of eight kids. They've been married ten years.
[+] From my position at the top table, I can see my cousin's kid and my aunt, the one face on the two people.
[-] The 'band'.
[+] An intermission, in which Liam sits on a chair onstage and sings!
[+] He sings The Green Fields Of France.
[-] And The Fields of Athenry.
[-] The band come back on, as 'Abba Vouz'
[+-] They're playing Abba at a wedding!
[+] At least they didn't play Knowing Me Knowing You.
[-] Shame they didn't play Knowing Me Knowing You.
[+] After the band's done, while everyone's finishing their pints, the people left at the tables start singing.
[+] At the one I'm at, Gerry Hammond, the father of the bridesmaid, starts Dublin in the Rare Old Times.
[++] The next one over is on Rhinestone Cowboy and Wichita Lineman.
[+] After we're shunted out into the bar, it becomes clear that Gerry has raised his two daughters so there'll always be someone to sing with.
[-] Piano Man.
[+] Dirty Old Town.
[-] American Pie.
[+] Ring of Fire.
[+] I Walk The Line.
[+++] OMG Jackson at a wedding!
[-] We none of us know the words to Jackson.
[+] We give it a good try anyway.
[-] Then bed.

And then on the Monday I heard that I wouldn't be going to Glastonbury, so ho! for a quiet week. Except that on Monday I was actually out at Dave Gorman Comedy. And on Tuesday, dinner with the boss. And Wednesday, my friend Gethan's foundation exhibit in Camberwell. And Thursday, atommickbrane's birthday picnic. and Friday, a trip to Brighton with tigerpig, starring rollercoasters over the briny deep. All of which are a lot of fun, but it means I only actually caught up to my friends list from the 13th yesterday, and there was stuff I'd meant to do yesterday. Also, unsurprisingly, smaller room = things pile up quicker. So I think I'm going to start my Quiet July early. Here's what I have already planned for the next five weeks:

Fri 29th: Poptimism/Green Feet
Sat 30th: PARTY.
Sun 1st: Kray's walk in Bethnal Green
Thu 12th-Fri 15th: Latitude?
Wed 18th: Steal the show
Fri 20th: Soul Mole
Sat 21st-Sun 22nd: Truck!
Fri 27th: Aimee Mann
Sat 28th: Dunwich Dynamo?

Apart from that lot, I'm probably staying in :) Don't take it personally, but I need to clear a little room in my life.
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