Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist


Sorry to anyone who saw my outburst below. The clue was in the question, I was going to my first interview in three years and half out of my head with worry. This isn't an excuse - I don't really expect anyone to have spotted the clue (after all, I didn't).

It wasn't even an interview interview, it was with a recruitment agency. They did a good job though, none of your "So, I see you're called (flip flip flip) Andrew?" And now I have some homework to do, and know which bits of my CV to emphasise for which jobs.

My one question for them (apart from "Will you be taking half my salary?") was about dress codes in the places that they're likely to place me. "Oh, nothing to worry about", they assured me, "It'll just be smart casual, what you have on should be fine".

I was wearing my suit.
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