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Meme time!

I've owed yiskah this for over a month. Sorry!


the long of it
I like to talk, oh yes. Like a lot of people (particularly on LJ) I like to make stories out of my life. As I tend to spend too much time in my own head with the gears whirring, they tend to develop themes and narrative structure. On a good day, or with a good crowd, this makes me a fascinating raconteur. If things aren't so hot, by god it makes me a tedious bore.
preferring ecclestone to tennant
By a co-incidence, I may have quit this Doctor Who-related preference (for the first of the modern Doctors over the second) yesterday, after the frankly stunning episode The Family Of Blood. The problem is that David Tennant is good at curiousity and wonder and brilliance, but he can't rant and rave, his Doctor is missing the righteous rage of Christopher Ecclestone. Also he never seems as substantial as his predecessor, he's more of a dilettante. Which is a perfectly good way to play the character, and they've worked well with it by and large, but I really would have liked to have seen a few more series from Ecclestone first.
deleting the internet

This comes from a website called ILX, which provided a decent amount of my initial friendslist - atommickbrane, boyofbadgers, catsgomiaow, and in fact most of poptimists. freakytigger was its founder, and there'd occasionally be a call (never honored) for him to delete some discussion for reasons of mentalness. And in the fullness of time, images of great wrongeness from other sites would be found and displayed, followed by a demand that the entire internet be deleted post haste. Um, that's it. It was funny at the time!



I think this used to be my default for a while! I went down to Argos not long after moving over, and bought myself a cheap alarm clock. For some reason, presumably a twisted version of verisimilitude, it had when taken from the box a sticker on the front that gave an example of what might appear on the clock after you put the batteries in. So for one glorious minute I was the world's most rubbish cyborg, but during that minute this photo was taken.

poptimists again, and freakytigger came up with a great plan last year for a shadow Pop World Cup. The 32(?) participants would be assigned a team, and initially the matches would run in a schedule similar to its football equivalent. Each player would have to pick a track from their adoptive country, and each match would be settled by public acclaim. I got Switzerland, and promptly crashed out, having formed the impression that there was in fact no great Swiss pop. A month afterwards two Swiss girls moved into the house I was staying in, and broadly confirmed the fact.
emo sex

I really don't know what to add here. It was taken on my lunch break, on one of the roads between Holborn and Oxford Street. I'm quite proud of the fact that the number is still visible, if any of my friends ever feel the need for a spot of emo sex, this userpic is there for them.

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