Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

This form of humour has been long with us, but new technology can bring it to life again IN MY PANTS. iTunes, shuffle, 20 songs, single humor-giving phrase attached

Cee-lo - Young man in my pants. (a roaring start)
Clipse - Intro in my pants.
Elvis Costello - King horse in my pants.
The Weakerthans - (Manifest) in my pants. (this will be the title of my first post-rock album)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cold light in my pants.

Mark Olson - Still we have a friend in you in my pants.
Tribe Called Quest - Scenario in my pants (Remix).
ABBA - my love, my life in my pants.
Hothouse Flowers - One tongue in my pants. (we have a winner! Provided it's not Liam O'Maonlai)
The Weakerthans - Without mythologies in my pants.

The Open - My house in my pants.
Spinners - Mighty love in my pants.
Kanye West - School spirit skit 2 in my pants. (remember kids, skits ruin everything)
The Micronauts - Baby wants to bleep in my pants. part 1
Sleepy Brown - Dooley wop in my pants feat. Big Boi

Tycho Brahe - Golden wedding in my pants.
My Morning Jacket - One in the same in my pants.
X-Ray Spex - I am a poseur in my pants. (for Poly Styrene, every day)
Sex Pistols - New York in my pants.
Grant Morrison - Alien Abduction and the Nature Of The Universe In My Pants. (AHAHAHAHA)
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