Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Alevi Cultural Centre & Cem-Evi

is a building I walked past while out for my constitutional this evening. I'd walked past it a few times before, and always meant to look up what it actually was (there's an untranslated version of the name on the front of the building as well, but it's in one of the many many languages I don't speak). So by the wonder of technology, I got to read this article about the Alevi faith, a very broad strand of Turkish mysticism within (and partly without!) Islam, quite comfortable with it's various subbeliefs, mostly Shia but aligned in certain places with Sunnis, generally leftwing and progressive (in context).

The Cem-Evi, the meeting hall, their equivalent of a mosque, is on Ridley Road next to the Turkish Food Centre. Unless the translation is severely wrong, it appears to be the Cem-Evi not just for Hackney, or London, but for England.

I'm definitely going to miss Hackney, aren't I?
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