Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Disaster for Andrew's Famous The Bike

Emma pointed me at this feature in Time Out, where they convince people that if you move to Queensbridge Road, you won't get shot that much, unless you go to the north or south ends. The only picture there, as with the paper version, is of some lovely houses with in the foreground a bike locked part way up a lamppost. Closer inspection would suggest that a bike with the saddle removed is not a fantastic ad for a location, but that's not what struck my eye.

What struck my eye is that it's my bike, chained outside my flat, and that I don't actually live on Queensbridge Road. I don't live a million miles from it, but it's strange that the only picture in a place-specific article like this is of a different place. Perhaps my bike is now a stock photo? I would surely beam with pride.

Yesterday, though, Famous The Bike's front wheel was a little low, so I set out the pump on top of my cycling gear this morining, and reinflated before heading off. Around Roseberry Avenue, I was thinking "I really should just keep the pump in my bag, it's quite handy for that sort of thing. Also my puncture kit, in case I get one. Like just now, on the back tire. 4rse."
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