Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

You are live on Channel 4, please don't say


The conventional wisdom (actually quite wise) about Glasto is that you don't bring anything that you wouldn't mind losing. So I left all my valuables in work before heading out. But unlike last year, when fine fellow freakytigger got my ticket, or the previous years when it was mailed out to me, this year I have to pick it up myself. Which means that I have to bring my Visa card. Which I left behind.

So I'm going tomorrow instead. The really annoying part is the vague claims that some people might have got their tickets with just ID (like my passport, which I have). But ringing up the Directory Enquiries to find out the number for the humble furniture shop where you collect the tickets and ask them about it doesn't work! Because the pickup point isn't that shop, it's another one down the road, without a phone. So at least someone is having a worse day than me.

I did find out that there's an international Directory Enquiries though. Which is kind of cool.
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