Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Reasons I love my Big Book of the Reformation #1

(after one of the Dutch reformers had declared himself messianic king of the world, with predictably messy results)

However, most radicals were sickened by continuing violence and were deeply disillusioned by the horrific events in Münster. Some turned towards a variety of undemonstrative (even clandestine) mystical beliefs. The Dutch stained-glass artist and poet David Joris carefully sought out former Münsterites to persuade them that he and not the butchered King of Münster was the in fact the Third David. Joris has learned his lesson about enthusiastic openness in proclaiming a message: back in 1528, as an enthusiastic radical convert to the Reformation, he had led attacks on a procession of Mary in Delft and suffered a flogging and the boring-through of his tongue, while subsequently his followers were a particular target of official savagery. Now for his sake and theirs he spread his message more discreetly. He ended his days in prosperous respectability, living in Basel under a false name, a valued member of the humanist academic establishment there, but still the subject of widespread unobtrusive devotion, which persisted long after his death.
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