Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Quiet Night In

Up until the point where I actually got home, to find a policecar at the junction just down the road. Someone had driven over one of the two-foot bollards, and their car was still pinned on it, blocking the road. I looked on as I locked up the bike, went to inspect the damage as the policeman started taking the statement of the driver.

"So I was driving up here, there was a black kid in the car"
"You're a taxi then, sir?"
"No, but there was a black kid in the car"

I wandered down to the corner shop to buy one of the turkish breads which they didn't have, wandered down to Kingsland Road to where they did, and on the way back saw people wondering what the fuss was about (the police had taped off the road from the previous junction, presumably because it was impassable). One of them said they'd seen some sort of pursuit while I was away, a red car peeled out followed by a police car. A bit closer, and it turns out that the road is impassable to everyone while the police walk up and down, checking the gardens / front porches for where anyone might have discarded a weapon. And after they let us in, the bit around the car is still taped off.

Nothing much more to tell, I've been celebrating the temporary departure of my flatmate by nicking my telly back from the sitting room, and watching Skins while I internet. It appears to be quite excellent, not so much concerned with the news that the kids are having drugs and making sex as the possibility that some of them might have found new ways of being complete cvnts.
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