Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Weekend just gone.

Yes, I know what sodding time it is. I got up very annoyed at noon, so I might as well get this up-to-date so I did something today.

After freeing myself from the dread (nummy) spectre of Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, I had a weekend to myself, which was spent on a bit of tidying up, and some going to the cinema for escapist nonsense.

  • Harry Potter and the Wonky Eye: Great casting, great chucking-out of unnecessary plot threads, absolutely lovely special effects (I'm usually apathetic, but this really was "yeah, that's what that should look like".)
  • Transporter 2: Where is the ridiculous action bobbins that I've been promised? Jason Statham is solid like a rock (not sadly The Rock), and the lady on the poster is sold as advertised: stick thin with semi-automatics. But she does nothing, she has nary a shred of characterisation or dialogue (or clothes). I mean, the same is true of Our Hero, but that's his schtick. And the main villain isn't much better. Bah. If you're going to make a bad film, at least sodding enjoy it! Paycheck was better than this.
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: This is possibly the worst film ever made. I had been meaning to revisit Ghost in the Shell to see if it was the mishmash of Neuromancer and Akira that I thought. I wasn't impressed at all, but people keep coming back to it as a key piece of Anime history. But they're saying the same thing about this indulgent pretentious slooow crap, and they're dead wrong. Looks nice, in parts.

I also spent some time wandering around the middle of London. I've figured out that this is one of the main differences between here and Dublin: you could head into town on a Saturday/Sunday, and be reasonably certain of meeting someone you knew. Here, there's no guarantee, not least because the 'head in' isn't a light decision: It's half an hour for me, and I'm really central. I suspect I'll have to actually take an active interest in my friend's plans.
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