Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Mad flat draws to a close, a new chapter opens...*

So this seems to be the end to the unpleasant flatmate story: what went unreported since then is that in January when we were looking for another flatmate (we eventually got the lovely but generally absent actress Laura) Leah sat me down and said "Our lease is up in May, I don't really want to sign it with you, so I want one of my friends in rather than yours, because I don't want to be forced out". Whichever of us hands in their notice will have to do so next Saturday, and work is sending her to Nairobi for four and a half weeks from Monday, so yesterday the three of us sat down and tried to come up with a solution. Basically it was up to Laura to make a decision and she said "Leah has been here longer, so sorry but there you are". I was almost immediately afterwards seized by L'esprit de l'escalier**, and have ever since been thinking of things I should have said but i) fvck it and ii) now I've posted about it that should maybe go away.

Further details on personal request, if you have absolutely no idea what's good for you.

So anyway, I shall be seeking a new flat, from May 21st. Preferably in the Hackneyish area, but I can be powerfully swayed by the prospect of flatmates I know not to be mad. Or know to be mad in ways I can deal with :)


** After a separate conversation afterwards, I'm more self conscious than usual of little phrases that I slip into conversation, but really, how ace is L'esprit de l'escalier? To have a phrase for exactly that condition that I spend at least 20% of my time in, and such a great phrase! Oh hang on, I've been using it wrong. Bums.
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