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Buffy Season 8! It's a comic book, but not like previous Buffy comic books, because it's written by Joss himself and it counts according to him. It's not his first comic, he wrote one called Fray, 4-5 years ago about a Slayer in the future, but it wasn't great and it wasn't Buffy and also obviously he may have painted himself into a bit of a corner regarding how Buffy ended. He also went on and wrote an X-Men comic, though it was quite slowww and came out even slowwwer. He seems to have got the hang of the lark by this stage, the first issue is quite zippy and has a proper fight scene and lots of filling in the gaps in the year or two since we saw her last.

There are only really two problems, one being that Buffy is supposed to be 45 minutes every week, not 15 minutes every month, so it doesn't really build up the punch that the TV show does. And the other is that it's not exactly necessary, the show already had a decent ending - and then two years later it had another one (the slightly frantic nature of the last season meant that I spent 10 seconds wondering what the deal with Xander's eyepatch was). In the letter column in the back, though, one of Joss's lackey responds to a request for another Fray series by saying JW is plenty busy with this one "and another Serenity series".

I was checking the telly downstairs on Saturday, in case disaster struck and I needed a backup during Doctor Who (hooray! it's not sh1t! at all!) and while trying to figure out the channels ("This one must be BBC1, it has meerkats, and they're copyright the British Broadcasting Corporation, right?") I found myself watching You've Been Framed. Ew ew Jeremy Beadle, but they've changed the format so that they've just got animated links (like ye olde The Chart Show), and a voiceover guy. It seemed like he was doing a really bad Harry Hill impersonation, which raises all sorts of questions: did the company find some weird bubble in the marketing continuum which suggests that a moderately famous alternative comedian was ideal for this sort of malarky, or was the voiceover man given free rein, and decided to do "an 'omage"? After a little bit it became clear that it was actually a pretty good Harry Hill impersonation, which raises even more questions about level of detail and unpaid overtime and and and, and as you've probably guessed (or knew anyway) the credits revealed that it was actually Harry Hill himself. Does anyone have anything to explain this, because I have no applicable facts or theories?

I've been doing monthly rather than yearly resolutions this year - not "must quit" but "should do". January and February were a bust, (and April's is a daily one, which I'm at this stage four days behind on), but March's was to start a community, and with the_book_game, based on the twin pillars of making up first lines for books and trying to spot the real one, I think I've done quite well. It's a great thrill to see people join who have no visible connection to you or anyone on your friend's list, and 19 opening lines to a bad pirate epic is truly its own reward.
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