Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Lunchtime miscellany

Lunchtime might be a bit updatey today, lots of stuff that I meant to say early in the week, and time running short before I'm homewards bound.

First off, more celebrity watch: The issue of Grazia on the kitchen table at home has the revelation that Jennifer Aniston, who most of the world hasn't thought about for a few years, has been driven by Brad and Angelina's toddler empire back into the arms of her post-split boyfriend, Vince Vaughn. Which is all well and good, except I only yesterday finished watching Mr and Mrs Smith, famously the film where Brad and Angelina meet (it's really quite good, certainly beats the sh1t out of True Lies), and which co-stars: Vince Vaughn! HOW IS THAT NOT FUCKED UP?

Incidentally, does anyone remember when Jon Favreau was looking to be the famous one from Swingers, with Vince Vaughn riding on his coattails? How was that ever going to work?

Also I have found my new favourite webcomic: XKCD! Hardly an underground hit, it's the third or fourth most syndicated site on livejournal, but the target audience does seem to be precisely me, and the run from String Theory through to Interblag did have me wondering whether I was actually writing it myself during my sleep.
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