Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Dematerialising 63% complete...

(This is basically just me dropping names. Science will follow some other time)

After surviving my performance review on Friday, I cycled on down to Tooting for freakytigger's birthday, and can now attest to a Chicken Cottage that you can see from space. Also present over the course of the evening were Chris, Vicky, Isobel, Pete, atommickbrane, boyofbadgers, carsmilesteve, cis, fathands, friedslice, jauntyalan, jauntyemma, katstevens, chezghost, thebopkids, triffidfarm and martinskidmore, the last of whom was discussing with me (among other things) Season 8 of Buffy, which I managed to get my hands on and will shortly mini-review. Managed to lose one of my cycling gloves on the two-minute walk from the hitching post to the pub, and got lost TWICE on the way back. All this was more than made up for by the opportunity to finally see Battersea Power Station on the way there. It really does look like it's designed to generate enough power for all of London, by any means necessary. You can still see the Potential Energy Pad that the gas dirigibles of the start of the last century used, dropping from on high those who broke the strictures against self-powered flight.

A lot more sitting around than I planned on Saturday, such that I only turned up at kiss_me_quick's party at about 11, as the first wave of people were leaving. Still, I met angelv, barrysarll, claireybiscuit, dawnage, hoshuteki, icecoldinalex, kitty_collar, missfrancesca, missfrost, miss_newham, my_red_dream, obsessive_katy, orangerick, p_dan_tic, pippaalice, publicansdecoy, puzzled_anwen, ruudboy, shewho, thermaland and exliontamer, using a very vague sense of "met" for two of three of them. Things progressed, and eventually the clocks went forward, so it's not my fault that I got to bed at 6am.

I was still awoken at 10am, and in quite good form for the rest of the day, though it was clear that I'd never make it down to see the Bermondsey Allotment allstars (past members of whom include catsgomiaow, dogrando, julietk, boxcat, marnameow, mrs_leroy_brown, sbp and uon). I did manage to make it down to Greenwich to play Mah-Jongg with alextiefling, friend_of_tofu, hazyjayne, janieluk and some others who, if they have LJ names, I don't know them. And then back to the Dolphin on Mare Street to see Local Karaoke for Local People with ampster and her friend Amy.

Still didn't manage to get to bed before 2am, up at 6.30, dragged myself through the day, then down to the Jack Horner to join ultraruby in congratulating dr_f_dellamorte, bigcat23 and speednik on being on the new Annie Nightingale mix that was being launched down the road in Fopp. Then I went home and my brain fell out of my head. Which was nice.

This has gone on a bit, I'm just (easily) amused by meeting nearly half of my London friendslist over the course of a few days.
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