Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Backfill #3: The Mountain Goats

So thislast week's internet friend's band is The Mountain Goats on Wednesday, which is stretching it a bit, because John Darnielle is actually famous and all, and I only met him the once, when he was playing 10 feet from my flat and I had to pass on a message from dubdobdee. Which isn't to say that I don't like the Mountain Goats: I LOVE them.

The venue I saw them at before was the Cobblestone, which is actually probably smaller than all the tiny venues I've been seeing bands at, and this time it was at Bush Hall. I don't know whether me and Toby were in the sweet spot or what, but they filled the room with sound. Peter Hughes on Electric Bass, and John Darnielle singing and hammering away on acoustic guitar, filling an entire room. It makes a sort of sense of the formerly super lo-fi recordings, like why spend more money that you have to in order to get anything more than the bare song into people's heads, when it never going to sound like that performance? John's playing guitar like it's the best thing in the world that anyone's ever invented, like it's bread and butter and beer and cheese to make the chords come out in that order. And the other thing he's doing is singing in his nasal voice, which he's turned from a blowtorch into an incredible instrument (one of the settings of which is 'blowtorch'). While a guitar is being re-strung inbetween songs, he sings a Billy Holiday song acappella, and it's head-shattering. When I saw him first he was touring "All Hail West Texas", and I have no idea if that's the reason it's my favorite Mountain Goats album. This was a better gig, despite him playing none of the songs off that album. Until the last song was Death Metal Band.

Afterwards, we headed to our homes. We were technically in time for freakytigger's Calling Time on Time project, but they weren't serving at Bush Hall anymore, and going into a pub just for a pint to photo the last orders would have been silly (and possibly dangerous).

Quality depressing conversation on the Tube, where Toby was talking about how he's not going to be drinking until 4 anyway. I mentioned feeling terror on hearing that awesomewells was feeling the strain of his partying life.

"Oh yeah, you're really young aren't you, you're younger than me?"
"No. No, I'm 30"
"Oh right, I thought you were 27 or something."
"Hang on, how old are you?"
"25. Yeah, I don't know why I thought you were 27 if I thought that."

That's right. I'm older than an age that's older than you. I'm really old.
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