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Bike news.

I fell off again last Friday, right where I fell off in a terrifying manner about 6 months ago. Newton Street (just beside the Princess Louise) is awkward in that it's a single lane for cars + a cycle lane, but the cycle lane runs in the opposite direction to the cars. Pedestrians as a result don't bother so much to think about things getting onto the lane from the Holborn side, so I have to ring the bell and hoot and slow down etc etc. And on Friday I did this, and stuck out my (left) hand to indicate and something happened. All I can think of in a reconstruction is that I must have gripped the (front) brakes with my right hand, and went straight down. I didn't really come off the bike as such, or lose track of of any time, and there was nothing behind me, but still really freaky. No real damage, just a chunk out of my left knee. I wouldn't have been surprised if when I went out next time, I freaked out at the thought that my hand might do that again, but it hasn't yet.

Cycling home on Friday night, noticed that the back wheel was wobbling a bit, brought it into London Fields Cycles to get it trued (= make sure the spokes are all fine), they said it'd be easier to bring it in early on Monday and get it fixed. Not quite early enough on Monday, left it there and got the bus in/out. On Tuesday, they charged me £50 instead of the £15 I'd been expecting, as they needed a new wheel - this is sort of what I'd thought me leaving my mobile was in aid of, that they could warn me ahead of time "bring another £30 or you won't get your bike". And then yesterday the back tire went flat just as we were approaching Holborn. Though I've never actually fixed a puncture before, which is nice.
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