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Hello, everyone. In the four months since I turned on Livejournal's notification system, sixteen people have friended me (four of them in the last three days!), which has got me thinking. For a start, it means that my friendslist is no longer mostly people I've known for years and years pre-LJ.

So anyway, welcome. As a guideline I don't friend people unless I've actually met them and taken their measure in some sense - I'm old school like that, or at least I was. For those of you that I have friended, there are a couple of old posts linked on my profile if you're interested.

I've said this somewhere else, but the strange thing about LJ (other than the sodding 50-comments thing) is that there's only one universal method of signifying connection with someone. The main selling point of Livejournal for some time (now ceded to RSS readers) was that you could have one page with all the updates from dozens of blogs, but the action that adds someone to that page is the same one that opens up the entirety of your blog to them. Considering that pretty much everyone I know who posts has pretty clear demarcations between what goes in the public posts and what goes in the friends-locked, it's strange that there's no way to say "I want to read your public posts on my Friends Page - not your private ones, though".

So anyway, this is me, I do things, sometimes I get emo, and that shit gets friendslocked. If I haven't friended you back, I'm probably not that comfortable with you seeing it - which is not to say that if I have I am, which is the problem. One thing I have been considering is friending (almost) everyone who's friended me (because I am in general interested in their blogs), and making a filter for the really personal stuff. The problem with this is it'd be kind of awkward to say "comment on this post if you want onto the filter". Though a wicked voice wants me to put everyone on, and make them ask to be taken off :)

Or in summary: Andrew vs British Reserve round 43
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