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  • Finally after literally months of faffing about got to hang out on Friday with offensive_mango, who turns out to be completely awesome.
  • Going to a happening in the Whitechapel Art Gallery, as run by my Art Magazine friends, and spending five minutes with some stranger, who came up to me and said "You! I know you! Who are you!" before realising it was the guy who was going to have my room last November, who has naturally cleaned up considerably since he's not sleeping on people's couches again.
  • Also one of the bands was Alexander Tucker, who has a vocal mic, a guitar and some kind of half mandolin half fiddle. He kept having to manually switch these in and out of a one-input box, which was at the start of a chain of about 12 pedals. It sounded completely amazing.
  • Halfway through, for no obvious reason, someone threw a pack of cards at the stage bit of the floor where the dude was playing, and we had fun picking a few of them up and trying to remember what all of the taroty suits were. Coins it turns out are not actually different from Pentacles, nor Wands from Staves, so my half-remembered clues from Fool's Errand were only of so much use.
  • The hilariously laidback dude beside us, who reminded me in part of Lenny Henry back during Brixton Broadcasting Corporation days, turned up at the convenience store next door after the show, where he walked over to the six-foot-five guy standing in line (looked like an average brickie, magnified 20%), and grabbed him by the hand, exclaiming "Hey man, how's it going? Islander style - walk over to the biggest white guy and shake his hand, everything's gonna be fiiiine!". Cue all the customers p1ssing themselves laughing.
  • tubewalkers the next day, a nice toddle from Caledonian Road to Holloway Road, Camden and Euston (via the canal for the last bit). Also great to meet shermarama, dansette, my_red_dream and icecoldinalex
  • After being on the internet for nearly 20 years, I'd sort of assumed that I'd heard of everything interesting, or at least interesting and old, so it was bizarre to hear for the first time about Talkers, and then again for a second time within 24 hours!
  • Figuring out which of the million dates Ebony Bones are playing to turn up to - the one where they're supported by Manic Cough in the Buffalo Bar! Bonus points for being just down the road at a time when I was feeling slightly under the weather and not up to biking down to Clapham,
  • The support band, the otherwise quite punchable Subliminal Girls, ending up with a cover of The Only Living Boy In New Cross, thus getting me psyched up for the bands who I came to see.
  • Meeting a random South African, who turned around during Manic Cough and asked "Are you not enjoying this?" "Well, why aren't you dancing, then?". He wasn't that random in fairness, he was a co-worker of ver Cough's Annie, who turns out to be... a personal trainer? He also introduced me to his best friend, who he later described as kind of an exgirlfriend? How kind of? This was his first Satrday single since he was 13, IE in about 15 years. Also as a fitness freak, half a bottle of wine + two beers = he was completely flying.
  • Also he did nothing to challenge stereotypes when Ebony Bones came out, wandering over out of the backstage area* after a couple of songs and saying "Yeah, they're definitely different, yeah...... Black people have great rhythm!" Bless.
  • Sitting in yesterday, doing nuffin' much, except watching musicals. To wit: I have now actually seen Once More With Feeling, which was kind of not the one to miss from that season of Buffy (in fairness it's far from alone in escaping my gaze).
  • In less cheery news, I also saw the movie version of Rent. It turns out that the Team America pisstake "Everyone has Aids!" falls far short of this amazingly bad musical. It's shiteness gets kind of psychedelic after a while, which is why I had to go look up that yes, that is Sarah Silverman in a crucial role for absolutely no reason.
  • Er, that's it.

*Yes, I know, the Buffalo Bar doesn't exactly have a backstage.
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