Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Never forget!

After being tipped off by carsmilesteve about the day's sporting results, I rang home to congratulate my sister, a fervent if not always deeply informed republican. I'm largely apathetic, though I was cheered to see that my hated nemesis was humbled by his involvement.

She explained to me that even if I was mysteriously deficient in sporting pride, I should have at least appreciated the political side: a million quid the fact that the last time England played in Croke Park*, British soldiers entered the grounds "in small tanks" and opened fire on the players and the crowd, killing several. When asked how I old I would have been at the time (my knowledge of our nation's history is very very sketchy, which is why I wasn't willing to immediately translate the alarm bells ringing into actually challenging her), she said I'd have been a dot, if even that - "this was 30-40 years ago, at the start of the troubles".

The punchline (as you've possibly guessed) is that she was talking about Bloody Sunday, or rather the second Irish Bloody Sunday, which happened back when my grandfather was a strapping young man. Indeed, a strapping young republican based in Dublin, which raises the possibility that he might well have been involved in the spykilling raids in the morning that fed into the more famous bloodshed in the afternoon. Not that it wasn't of course an appalling massacre, nor do I begrudge her the right to get up in metaphorical arms about it - I just wish she knew what she was angry about.

Also it's odd what you can find on Yahoo News if you poke around.

*Technically the last time they played, and the precedent ignored in the foofarah regarding playing the British national anthem in the grounds, was the 2003 Special Olympics, though I was pretty certain she wasn't talking about that.
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