Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Backfill #1: The weekend

So, to last weekend, as it was known last week.

So, as I sort of said last week, I have been living the life of a (particularly lazy) unemployed person 24/7. This is excellent (as something with a specified start and end date) apart from when I actually try to get stuff done, and find out that sloth has become ingrained. So on the Thursday night, before returning to bed, I wrote out a list of things to do.

  • 9.00: Wake, exercise, shower, put sheets into plastic bag, take to laundromat, retrieve regular laundry from same, return to flat
  • 10.00: Read internet, write something on LJ/ILX/Gmail
  • 11.00: Find old CV, start beating it into shape (poss. with help of friends)
  • Continues in this vein.

Unfortunately, the 10AM item raged wildly out of control, with the result that at 1PM, I thought "Oh sod it, I'm going to watch DVDs and play computer games for the rest of the day". Don't do it kids, always try to re-group your day! Or else you may find yourself, as I did, turning in at 1 in the morning to realise that you never picked up your sheets from the laundry. This can be safely described as an absolute nadir for my uselessness.

This week's "band starring my internet friends" is Fractured, which features Dr. C off ILX. I don't actually know him that well, but I was the recipient of a mix CD from him a long time ago, which I've treasured in the time since (during the brief periods of time when it's been in my posession). He seemed pleased enough to see ILX representation, though he was first worried that I'd come to collect the CD. Anyway, Fractured is the band he's in, which is the band he was in at college, and then again after 15 years or so. The brochure for the venue (the Hope & Anchor) said they were post-punk, but that seems a bit harsh - they have a great sense of humour, and are actually quite a good punk band. Here's Blood & Water. I've mentioned that the venues here are smaller than usual, but at least I remember seeing leedy's band in the Fusion Bar a million years ago - I don't know that I've ever previously had to state my band allegiance on paying in (apparently it determines cut of the gate!).

The rest of the non-gaming portion of the weekend was spent with friends from Dublin - Sharon who I haven't seen for ages, leedy, and Katharine. And the Sausage & Mash cafe in Spitalfields. It was lovely to see all of them, and leedy's sister and her amusingly bearded friends.
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