Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Europe's house divided!

There was a report in the papers a few weeks ago about how (Roman) Catholicism is becoming the largest religion in the England, largely by virtue of eastern European immigrants. And today there's a story about how the largest religion in England is to be come Catholicism: Anglicans to chuck in towel (slight exaggeration may apply). Which is kind of cool, particularly if you've recently slogged your way through EG a 600-page book about the reformation, it's a bit like seeing Africa and South America reforming or whatever (okay, it's more like if Portugal wandered away for 1000 years).

Until you remember that the Catholic Church is, you know, not the most progressive group in the world. The article mentions that RC can be flexible on celibacy, vis readmitting several married CoE priests a few years back (hooray!) ... after they left the CoE in protest at ordaining women priests (ah).
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