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A lovely party to celebrate the birthdays of katstevens and awesomewells on Saturday, with a bountiful crop of stories, which I shall release into the wild:

I was talking to a friend at some point, who was telling me a great story about working in Mixmag back when they shared an office with Kiss FM, being up until stupid O'Clock to meet a deadline and sticking on a Rave 92 to keep their spirits up. On comes Ebeneezer Goode, and Mr C sticks his head in from where he's recording his show next door and goes "Anyone got any Veras? LOVELY". After his show's over he comes in and says "Sorry about that, couldn't resist it", and they go "No, that's quite alright. Now do the rap". And he does!

I was introduced to a friend of a friend, and got talking. At one point boyofbadgers turns up and goes

"Hey, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Okay. It's just that... they played 'We Want Fun'"
"Yeah, I heard."
"And you weren't dancing!"
"Yeah, no I'm fine. I'll dance if Carter comes on."

And at the end when everyone was setting off (the lady having departed some time before) I was talking to boyofbadgers again and I was saying, y'know, sorry about that, but pretty lady! And he said "Yeah, I figured that was probably it, but being here with the song on and you not dancing... it was bloody weird!" Which actually got me grinning for ages.

And the other story has to do with her flatmate, Sfen, who apparently is/will be on Quiz Idol, some kind of reality show. Sfen's by all accounts very into the puzzles, and as I was walking down to the bus stop later with alexmacpherson (who dropped in "Oh yeah, X's girlfriend, she's lovely"), he was saying that he has from time to time, back when Sfen was his flatmate, come back from clubbing and seen the gent in a state of, eh, some agitation going "I have a deadline in an hour, I have to finish the Times quiz!". Which was slightly bemusing until the penny dropped and I realised that it's not Sfen, it's Sven, the guy who writes the Times quiz, and who I've stared at the name of several times, wondering who could come up with the questions day in day out, picturing some frowning bald bearded swede. I was ridiculously excited to discover that I knew someone (in fact several) who knew him, indeed I might have annoyed alexmacpherson, who reasonably pointed out that I know quite a few people who have their names in the papers, including, y'know, him. Sorry, dude!

[Edit - name of someone I've never met modified after reasonable request]
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