Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Unexpectedly great ideas #125

Hello, mister second-nearest convenience store owener, I would like a pack of toffee popcorn, a Topic, and... a can of Kestrel super-strength lager!

A particularly odd decision considering the reason that I was outside was to nip up to Specsavers and present them with my broken glasses (screw popped out, lens gone missing somewhere in my room) and my broken backup glasses (broken at the bridge in very unfixable way, lens still present) and let them do the magic. A lot of "don't let them spot you're pished" (which I can totally see the point of drinking if that's the point, it's brilliant fun) and bit of being worried that they'd go "sorry, we can't find your prescription, but we can book you in for an eye test RIGHT NOW" "Sorry, that won't work, I'm really drunk".

And then on the walk home, passing by a Dalston native wandering along talking to an indie kid, complete son of Ten-Pole Tudor, thinking "that's nice, but strange - they must be completely drunk!". Memories of sitting back in the flat with Keith Slardcorp, impugning everyone on MTV, getting caught out by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Also, it turns out that the perfect soundtrack for being unexpectedly and inadvisably drunk is Missy's Greatest hits.

More on this late-breaking story as it happens! Possibly.

Idea not used in this post: I need more other halves, I have a drunk walk!, Quest! For! Chips!
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