Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

Bad fortune, good luck.

I've told a lot of people but not LJ - we have a new flatmate! She's the understudy for the female lead in Equus! She's taken ages to move in, and we don't see her much because they're a bit busy right now.

My bike woes are possibly to do with placement: I left it tied to the signpost across the road, on ground level for about three hours on Monday, and when I came back down the kryptonite flex had been cut, and the two halves of the brakes on the back wheel had been separated. I kept the bike upstairs that night, but I completely forgot to buy another flex before I left work late Tuesday night. So locked it halfway up the lamppost on my side of the road as per, and in the morning - both wheels still there, hooray!

Also I have a Google Calendar:
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