Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

On stopping playing computer games.

There are some good and some bad reasons why I don't have a job yet, but one of them is that as a "reward" for getting stuff done after moving in, I re-signed up for a month playing World of Warcraft, and I've spent an awful lot of the last month doing that. I haven't really regretted any of the actual time spent on it, it's about as justifiable as "yes, we're going around the world for six months" that my friends were doing five years ago, but it is beguiling, and I did have to fend off thoughts of "you should probably renew that, you'll be able to play a lot less when you have a job".

It did weight too heavily on my mind this week (the subscription ended at 3.30 today), as a result of which I have three backed-up LJ pieces to write, one of which already contains an anecdote about my tendency towards the useless.

Providence underlining the point: it's obviously really freezing over here, and I live in what is basically a student flat, where we have radiators, but they're on for a few hours in the evening and the morning. So I decided to go and get a small heater from Argos, and this morning I plugged it in and let it do it's job. "It's not warming things up as much as it seems" "These things smell funny" (half an hour of sitting in front of the computer) "Why is there smoke in my bedroom?" I'd confused my low but long heater for one of the tall but narrow ones, and set it to work burning a hole in the carpet (and it's own plastic covering). Bang goes deposit. Also, after I opened the window to de-smoke the room, half an hour later I had to close it and turn the heater on, to warm up the place. Let this be the most ridiculous thing that happens to me in this flat.

(Obviously, the chances are high that things would have happened the same way if I'd been mailing out my CV/listening to music/reading Proust, but it does seem a handy Rock Bottom).
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