Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

DJing "update"*

So, I DJed at New Year's Eve Poptimism. It was largely awesome, I was on about (?) 11.00-11.30, due to everything starting at 10.15 instead of 9.15. I had an early "no-one will be dancing yet" set and a later "hits hits hits" set prepared, but the heightened schedule meant the floor was filled before I started. Lots of panic, lots of "Oh Christ I can't play that, no-one will dance, quick switch it, oh Christ there's only 20 seconds left", but it all went well, up until the enormous silence (I'd not cued up one of the CDs, and then skipped ahead two songs while it was paused, with disastrous results). But then the next song got people moving, which I followed with Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" to general acclaim (which was the best bit). Then afterwards the main DJs played for a few hours, and Al, one of the other guest DJs, came on around 2.30, built up a decent crowd (of randoms by this stage, the Poptimism regulars that I'd played to had headed home by then, and it did look like this was the end before Al started), then devastated them by playing something otherwise excellent, so I got three strangers asking for different things, and I don't think I delighted any of them :( I lasted maybe 15 minutes before barnetape came on and got them dancing again.

It was great fun, though. I think that basically I'm a decent Poptimism DJ and a terrible proper DJ, and I'll take that. One of the things I noticed was that my CDs that I brought along were a bunch of proper ones that had a few songs on them that I might play, and a few burned ones which were made out of the one great track on a bunch of albums. The latter had great big printouts for track listings (typically I printed them in an internet cafe on the way to the venue), but it was only these that I was consulting during my panics, leaving the hit-full albums out of consideration. The only track off a 'proper' album that I played was Track 1 on the CD that barnetape thrust into my hands to get something happening after the silence. It was Yazz's "The Only Way Is Up", which bizarrely is the only one off the proper albums that I'd planned on playing going in.

All in all, though - magic!

* one in a series of one
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