Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
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Bike update

The start of my ride home is always an reintroduction to city biking theory vs practice. Up Drury Lane, and then onto the turn into Theobald's Road. A left turn's illegal, and dead ahead is a cul-de-sac, so no-one bothers indicating a right turn. But one of these days... And then there's the crossroads with Kingsway/Southampton Row, where the left road is left turn only, and I've never seen anyone turn left on it, only buses/taxis/cyclists heading straight on.

You may remember those nice people at Master Lock that were going to send me a free hook and bracket so that I could stop carrying my lock in my backpack. When I got back into work on Tuesday, there was a package from Mainland China, containing... two unrelated keys. They're enquiring around as to whether the intended recipient of them might be nearby, that we might swap or something. Which is probably better than a reposting - the keys appear to have been postmarked in November, and only passed customs at Christmas!

Since my saddle was nicked last time, I've been bringing it inside at night. I was slightly worried about leaving my bike outside over Christmas, but when I got back in last week, it was still there and I celebrated with a bike ride to Edmonton IKEA and back (which is another story). Then I mostly bussed it over the weekend, and this morning, I realised that they'd taken the opportunity to nick the clamp that keeps the saddle in the frame (and more particularly stops it from going left-right). Which can't be worth very much at all, even the nice men who take your money at Evans Cycles only charge a fiver for a new one. They put my saddle back on quite high, which I didn't notice until I was heading home. It was interesting having to make sure that there was a footpath wherever I stopped, or else I'd fall over slowly.
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