Chocolate Socialist (braisedbywolves) wrote,
Chocolate Socialist

I just don't think the kids go Radio Rental any more.

So, more yoghurty goodness.

Last Wednesday, went out to meet Mark again, at Circulus, who very much do what they say on the tin: medieval-ish music, played on flute, electric guitar, and the device named after its inventor Sir Robert of Moog. They're not po-faced, but they do get behind the music, and it's quite funny to see the head loon rocking out.

It's hard to believe that I've been out in the Big City for three weeks and only had my first famous person experience now. At the bar, thought "Hey, I know him! No actually I don't, it's Paul Whitehouse". He seemed to be there to meet his old mate Jazz's Terry Edwards, who was mystifyingly playing with the dull-as-paint rock support act. PW then went on to watch the gig from the most visible spot in the quite flat room, which is odd. I'd have thought that if you were in (for starters) The Fast Show, meeting the public when you're looking for gig action would be a living hell, but perhaps not.

Thursday I played computer games, and didn't go out to see Faust, or else (it turns out) I would have been able to introduce Mark to catsgomiaow, the two people I know who like The Mighty Boosh.

Friday went out again to see catsgomiaow's band, who were top. I think going to see friend's bands on Friday is the way forward for gigs, and now one of you has to form one in the next four days. boyofbadgers was there for the gig, but headed home shortly afterwards, and catsgomiaow, because she's lovely, introduced me to people before I went Quiet and headed home. One of the people turned out to be dogrando, which was nice. We had one of those moments just after swapping LJ names, where context comes flooding in. I'm trying to think about whether it's a new moment, but it's probably been happening for as long as nerds have been meeting. Though we do have much cooler nerds these days.

Saturday spent in the arms of computer games again, I did go out to meet Mark and my friend Paul over from Dublin, at a jazz gig featuring that Terry Edwards, missed almost all of the gig, but saw Paul. Hate jazz, like Paul = winner!

Weekend sort of went "I feel a bit sniffly" to "Dress up warm, get some vitamin C down you, should contain it" to "Containment failing! Alert alert!". So now I have The Lurgee for realz.
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